Technical Levels for Base Metals free mcx tips monthly May 2014

Technical Levels (30 Days) monthly May 2014
Commodity-------------------Support 1-----Support 2------CMP------Resistance 1-------Resistance 2

Commodity------------------Support 1-----Support 2----------CMP-------Resistance 1--------Resistance 2
LME Copper ($/tonne)----------6475-----------6310--------------6718----------6830-----------------7050
MCX Copper (Rs./kg)-------------398----------388--------------410.55---------420--------------------433
LME Aluminium ($/tonne)------1740---------1690-------------1785.85----------1890---------------1980
MCX Aluminium (Rs./kg)--------104----------101--------------106.55---------113--------------------118
LME Nickel ($/tonne)------------16080---------13740--------------18270---------19690--------------21360
MCX Nickel (Rs./kg)-----------971--------------830---------------1094.8-----------1190--------------1290
LME Lead ($/tonne)------------2030-----------1930--------------2090--------------2180--------------2280
MCX Lead (Rs./kg)-------------122--------------116--------------126.45--------------131--------------137
LME Zinc ($/tonne)-----------1960--------------1880--------------2040--------------2110--------------2210
MCX Zinc (Rs./kg)---------------119--------------114--------------123.95--------------128--------------134

Outlook Base metal  monthly

as per many user request for base metal outlook so I written down I hope you can find few good answer 
For the month of May ‘14 we expect base metal prices to trade on a mixed note on the back of weak manufacturing data from the biggest consumers, China and the US. Also, mixed market sentiments will act as a negative factor.
While on the other hand, the Federal Reserve decided to cutback in its bond buying by $10 billion given economic recovery in the US will likely be a positive for base metals as US is the second biggest consumer after China and any improvement in the economy would only brighten prospects for the base metals.
With strong demand side fundamentals for Nickel, prices will trade on a positive note taking cues from the supply crunch that is unlikely to ease any time soon. Also, fuelling tensions between Russia and the West will only lead to additional sanctions on Russia and thereby will continue to add upside to prices.
Aluminium prices are expected to trade on a mixed note as the overall 2014 balance is likely to shift to deficit. However, supply still remains in excess given the increasing Aluminium output.
On the domestic bourses, movement in the Rupee will provide further direction to the base metals prices.

Copper prices will also trade higher given purchase by the SRB to fulfill seasonal demand in May. Also, lower availability after the SRB buys, coupled with seasonal demand from end-users, have pushed up premiums for bonded stocks more than 20 percent to about $110-$130 per tonne, from about $70-$90 in end-March will also support gains.

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