Tips of the Day:
Before riding the actual plane all pilots train in simulation planes
before doing any operation doctors practice on dead or as assistant of some experienced doctors
Driving even a car , bike need practice and help from some experienced people.
What I need to tell do the basic home work.d ie find 100 or even more examples of chart with what idea u r going to trade. 
exactly need to know in this where to place stoploss, targets,entry. 
practice minimum 100 examples with proper paper work ie 
with entry price, exit price, profit/loss, stoploss ( please do this hard work and it may take months to do this paper work).
 with out this nothing can be earned consitanly. 
this will give good level of confidence on your plan and you will not change your mind during trading. 
Do not jump in to English Channel and try to crows it with out even practicing swimming in swimming pool. 
Do not use your actual money unless you trade and make money in charting platforms or any other software. 
Also you can install this software or like any on your PC before trade.
Thank You

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Technical Levels for Metals and Energy 14 August 2014
Commodity Exchange-- Contract----- Trend--------- S2------- --S1-------- LTP--------- R1--------- R2 

Gold -------MCX -----------Oct-------Sideways----28460----28580----28688----28800----28910
Base Metal